Sweet - Sour relation with spouse

Sweet Sour Relation with Spouse

Spouse or soulmate is a special someone who enters our life as an unknown and becomes the only one around whom our lives revolves. Slowly one becomes all the more dependent on his partner for meagre things like his daily accessories, food etc.

This relationship is naturally so designed that both the partners together complete the world. One is incomplete without other.


People fight, they argue but at the end both compromise to a common thought because where there is love and understanding amongst the partners, there is no space left for the dispute,

Actually this relation demands TRUST, LOYALTY, LOVE, RESPECT, SELEFESSNESS and feeling of togetherness. When such qualities overpower the relation, it becomes everlasting, pure and immortal.

One should always have sufficient time and space for his/her partners in one’s life because a best gift one gives to their partner is his time and attention.

It doesn’t mean that one finishes his own personal space or not has time for self-analysis, but should balance the time between each other. This is because when someone is self-satisfied & self-motivated, he/she can pass on these feelings to their spouses to have a healthy relationship.

Being in love with someone is very easy but difficult is how we manage our relation with our intelligence, love and self-esteem. There should always be dual qualities of a good listener and a good speaker in oneself so that one can listen the thoughts of their spouses patiently and give suitable advices and also on counterpart has ability to speak out his views as well.

This relation doesn’t demand much but what is desired is with full devotion. The feeling of support from your spouse in every ups  and downs of life make world a happier place to live in and cherish.

So, love and respect your partners, cherish your lives with their love and support and complete your small wonder world WITH MAGIC OF TOGETHERNESS.

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