Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana - An initiative towards electrifying India


The new scheme launched by the Honourable PM Narendra Modi is actually a SAUBHAGYA scheme for millions of people around the country who are still fighting against the darkness in their lives.  It is an initiative to electrify India in those areas where still a spark of light is a dream cum true.

Key points of scheme

  • The scheme will cover all rural families after electrification of all villages by December end this year.
  • The states will be required to complete household electrification by March, 2019.
  • It is joint effort of centre and state contributed by 60% grant from central government & 10% with states & rest covered by loans.
  • For special category states the share hold for central government at 85% with state at 5% share only.
  • Electricity connections to APL (Above poverty line) families Cost Rs. 500 that is payable in 10 instalments to distribution companies.
  • BPL (Below poverty line) & Socio economic caste will be provided free electricity connections.
  • Gram panchayats & all public institutions will help in collecting applications, distributing bills & collect revenue.
  • The total outlay budget for scheme is Rs. 16,230 crores (estimated Rs. 14025 crores rural & Rs. 2295 crores urban).

It is totally a core welfare scheme targeting the betterment of poor people and their required upliftment in life.

India is progressing towards a power surplus country from a power deficient country with the joint efforts of people and govt. the result is that out of 18,000 villages less than 3,000 villages are left village electrification.

In this 21st century, no electricity directly links to no development in life. Today, our lives is  totally surrounded by electric freak gadgets. Every minute one or the other device used by people requires electric connection. In such scenario, it is out of our imagination that people still are dependent on natural light and with the dusk in the nature the light of their lives also set off.

In such an extreme cases, a step towards electrifying villages will give a ray of hope to those people who are still very under developed and are in great dilemma that whether they will ever be a part of the developed nation or not.

A great start of development to poor! A fantastic approach to connect to common people!


Badal raha  hai India, Aage nikal raha hai India, Soch badal rahi hai, Khawab dekh raha hai India.

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