Do Looks Really Matter?

Do looks really matter

You really think “Do looks really matter?” People generally have a superior thinking towards those sectors of persons who are good in their outer looks. The outer beauty of any individual attracts the other people towards it. As it is said that glittering of Gold personifies its qualities but does that means “EVERYTHING THAT SHINES IS GOLD”?

The answer is “NO”. So as with people because looks, appearance or outer beauty is not the parameter to judge one’s qualities and its vividness.

Facial expressions and features are just a small part of the personality. But the major role of one’s characteristics is played by his nature, character, uniqueness and his ability to deal every situation in life.

Every person has some uniqueness which differentiates him from the outer world. With that one uniqueness, person can do wonders and become a face in the crowd.

If outer looks were the only parameter to judge the person than the world might have witnessed only filmstars and models and other exceptionally famous persons were just the part of crowd.

But, it is not true inner self-belief is the quality that really makes a difference. Also boldness, courage and ability to express our views in front of people are words that personifies one’s personality and polishes his confidence to face the harsh realities of life.

Someone may be extra attractive, gorgeous or handsome but if she/he doesn’t hold a golden heart and excel character, everything seems meaningless. One can win hearts of many if he learns to express himself in the best possible way possible.

Love yourself, believe in your own qualities and then only world will bow their heads before you.

Looks are important but not the only way to express yourself.


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  1. What a pleasure to find someone who ideieifnts the issues so clearly

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