Why always first day of school memorable for everyone

Why always first day of school memorable for everyone thoughtsadda.com

First day itself means a fresh start of something in life. As the person succeeds in life, nature of work changes but “FIRST DAY” still holds its importance. Also, School is a place where a child learns new things, incorporate new ideas and inculcate values; so obviously start of school journey leaves a remarkable memory in one’s mind.

Although, when the beautiful long school journey starts, everyone is so innocent and gullible to understand that important start but still memory leaves its unforgettable mark on one’s mind.

One such memory flashes in my mind about my school day when that fantastic journey of mine started. It was rather difficult to leave my parent’s lap and enter the entirely new world of wrapped surprises but with those kiddish bribes of chocolates, ice-creams my parent’s managed to leave me in the school.

With teary eyes, brand new sparking uniforms, new bags & lunchboxes, I entered school to encounter same facial expressions on other students too.

In that crowd, there was a student crying even louder than me that diverted my mind towards her. With small fact, I step forwarded towards her and offered her chocolate that I was bribed by. The chocolate wrapper shine could be felt on her face and that sweetness let the foundation of an unbreakable bond FRIENDSHIP.


We both step forwarded towards the classroom and sat together to share the greatness of that day. As the day proceeded we talked a lot and thereby with each passing moment we were letting the grouds of an pure friendship.

In lunch we shared our lunchboxes and slowly with that sharing we were able to form new friends also. The day ended on a cool note with friends in hand and smiles on everyone’s face.

As of today, if we think of those days, it will be rather kiddish but at that time of life it was best time to pass by. The memory is so fresh in mind as it left the best of it; my friends and their unending care and love.


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